House +

House plus is a conceptual project that explores the grounds of 75 Charles street, Northcote. The house is composed of three 'lenses' with different briefs, as well as a communal program that aims to unify these lenses into one final house design. For the house design, I aimed to represent the divisions and contrasting elements in Northcote, and how these elements unite to become one. Therefore, I explored the notion of unity through the interaction of light and penumbra, and how they work together to create a sensory and unified journey throughout the house. 

The abstracted design of the house depicts two opposite geometries fused together to represent the notion of opposite extremes, like the site of Northcote, forming one. The three house sections look like completely different houses from each angle, reinforcing this notion of unity; three different elements that form together as one.  

Final drawings


All architecture should force a chemical reaction through structural unification. This can only be achieved through creating a balance between the interior and exterior, the material and natural forces. 

Thus, from beginning to end, the occupant should travel through a unified, balanced journey. One which is marked by light and penumbra. It should be a memorial and sensorial experience which engages with the human form and is prompted by the architecture and its interplay with nature. 

Natural forces are the key to unification of the material world.

House + program and mapping

After having explored the grounds of Northcote, more specifically, 75 Charles street, I have discovered that what is currently a very bleak suburb has so much potential to develop and create a welcoming warm front for the local community. The site is encased by a residential area with little vibrancy or life. Additionally, after many site visits I began to notice that is a division between the two sides of the train line in Northcote. One side is much more developed and lively, whilst the other is more bleak and remote.


Thus, I would like to create a structure that would ultimately make residents wants to exit their house, and force the two divisions of Northcote to unite. I propose a maker space on my site, which will ultimately encourage the recycling nature of Northcote and force exchanges of pieces, tools, knowledge and expertise between both the children and the adults.