MPC building

MPC is an augmented reality platform designed for creators all around the world, at any level of expertise. At MPC, we pride ourselves on the simplicity and affordability of the company, providing our community with all the tools necessary to complete their MPC journey in the best manner possible, all with the touch of a digital fingertip. 

MPC aims to resolve common architectural problems around complexity and superiority in the field. To combat this, we have developed a platform for the commons, a platform that opens up architectural possibilities to creators all around the world.

This project was completed as part of the Monash University, Telepresent Assemblies studio directed by Sean Guy.

Group members: Julien Finti & Cameron Burnett

After much experimentation and trialling, the team at MPC have produced a range of 3D printed components, these will act as the basis for all designs. The process of developing these components involved trial and error applications in virtual space. We tested which components work well when using the platform on a phone, and filtered them down to a list of components which are equally easy to use, and create high resolution outcomes. The use of 3d printing is crucial as this is not only the basis of all designs, but used for the directionality and outlining feature for standardised materials. In addition the 3d print all use similar fundamentals and functionality to incorporate within and design.

Here at MPC, we strive to promote individuality and uniqueness in a design. Therefore, we have created the platform to allow you to couple this 3D printed piece with a standard building material from your local hardware store. This choice of material is yours, however, after much experimentation the team at MPC have discovered that strictly following the directionality of the 3D print allows for the best possible high resolution outcome.

MPC app design

Final MPC building