The regenerative house

Following a qualitative and quantitative analysis of 16 Hazeldine road, Glen Iris, we were to present an improved regenerative design that complies with the Living Building Challenge guidelines. After analysing the existing house drawings, it became clear that the design needed adjustments in relation to the Energy, Materials, Water and Equity ‘petals’. The results from addressing these issues allowed for us to confront the common fears of creating an environmentally friendly house, fears relating to the overall cost and aesthetic of the design.


The final design of our proposed house incorporates materials that are both locally sourced, low-emissive and beautiful. The transparency of the design therefore allows for the house to present the notion that sustainability and beauty is achievable with minimal cost.

This project was completed as part of the Monash University, Technologies and environment studio.

Group member: Giuliano Andreacchio 

Initial analysis of pre-existing house design